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Testimonials and Pics from Past Participants around the World


Your workshop hosts Kathy and Rob McKay


Shirly from Shanghai, China Mandy from Wellington, New Zealand 2012.
They completed one month of training with us here in Boca Raton, Florida at Florida Atlantic University.


Kathy and Rob McKay with fellow “expert” Iron Chef Cat Cora at the Experts Guide to the Baby Years book launch, in New York City


The lovely Holmes Place teachers from Athens, Greece at the WABC pre-conference workshop in Brighton, England 2009, with Rob and Kathy signing books


Margarita Kontzia of Athens, Greece owner of Ydria Baby Swimming School, after Rob and Kathy’s workshop. Margarita holds a masters degree with an emphasis on baby swimming


Teacher workshop attendees, Suzy from Atlanta, Jeni from Florida and Kristin from Louisville, enjoy breakfast with Kathy McKay during a question and answer discussion


Baby Swim teacher workshop participant Angela (Froggie) from Auckland, New Zealand and Gabriela from Buenos Aires, Argentina


Angelica, a licensed psychologist from Athens, Greece attended a 4 week session. Angelica, was a perfect fit as she tuned into the feelings and well being of our baby swimmers. Besides practicing psychology, Angelica is a popular water polo player in Greece. She was also a volunteer for the 2004 Athens Olympics and Para Olympics where she met an up and coming swimmer named Michael Phelps


Ivy spent two weeks in one of our teacher training workshops. Here Scott and Rob are attempting to make Ivy feel at home. You see, her home town of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is also home to the worlds two tallest twin buildings, the PETRONAS Towers.


Over 90 swim school directors, owners and teachers participated in Rob McKay’s baby swimming workshop for PSPN, in Krakow, Poland.


Testimonials from previous workshops

  • Dear Rob and Kathy McKay: How truly blessed I feel having the opportunity to share my experiences with you and to learn so much from you! You are a walking encyclopedia of information on all things aquatic and that is just the beginning. To be able to stand back and take in the practices that you preach and live through example the philosophies that are so critical in such young lives are priceless. The gift of not only knowing how to swim, but the love of swimming is something that is personally a mission of mine. I wish to impact everyone I have the ability to come into contact with around the water to be a better person for it. Your successes impress upon me how that mission is absolutely possible. The ability to learn from your years of experiences, the discoveries you have made that have helped Lifestyle Swim School become the premier infant / toddler international school that it is, and to have such a heart of sharing that you do is breathtaking! That is just the beginning of how truly touched I feel. I am so excited to go back to Duke and put in to practice the things that I have learned. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great opportunity to learn from a master and am looking forward to future visits to com. You are priceless!!! THANK YOU!–Bonnie Adams, Duke University, Aquatic Coordinator

  • It is so great for me to take this chance to write about what an incredible week I spent learning the infant/toddler swimming program developed and taught by Rob and Kathy McKay at their Lifestyle Swim School in Boca Raton, Fl. I had read their book Learn to Swim and watched the Diaper Dolphin videos to help me withy infant classes at my swim school, Swim with Kathy, in Chicago. The book and videos helped me, but my sessions during the workshop encompassed so much more when I was in the pool with Kathy and Rob and all those wonderful babies and moms. I got the chance to be involved in all the different swim levels and see how those wonderful little swimmers progressed. Their approach is so child centered and nurturing. The children there really learn at their own pace…and if parents, who are also learning about their children, try to go too fast, Rob and Kathy are there to guide them. I saw babies who have been in the classes for several months and some of the older ones for years. One thing about the classes, all the classes, which really jumped out at me, was that that there was no crying or any angst. The program is truly centered on the child and nurturing the child in a program that also teaches swimming skills. There was lots of learning going on…and not just swim skills. Kathy and Rob were both involved in education and it shows with the thoughtful and play based activities they use to help babies/moms advance through their program. Tenets of both early childhood learning, Montessori methods, and yoga/tai chi are all combined to make this program the most incredibly fun and stress free atmosphere you could ever envision your child learning in. I have been involved in swimming and teaching swimming most of my life and I want to say that I never had more fun or learned more than my week spent with Rob and Kathy. I know I will be going back for another week with them to continue to improve on my ability to really know and teach their method effectively. I also know that we were just getting started on our tour of the “little known to tourists” lunch places around Boca…and they really know some great ones and I want to continue those explorations :) Rob and Kathy, I can’t thank you enough for all your help and am already looking forward to another week with you guys and those glorious babies!–Kathy Crowley Kelly, Swim with Kathy-Chicago, The Aqua Building

  • Rob & Kathy, I wanted to write to tell you both what a wonderful experience I had while attending your baby swimming workshop!!! From the positive attitudes and smiling faces of the instructors (both of you, and Heather), to the smiling parents, and especially, the smiling children, it was a positive experience from start to finish. It was obvious to me that you have done your homework over the past 20+ years putting your curriculum together, especially while I was in the water watching the infants and toddlers do their first submersions, unaided swims, diving to the bottom, etc., etc. The most exciting thing for me was actually holding the children during their first submersions, and the smiles on the children's, and parents, faces after the submersion. It was definitely a "feel good" experience each and every day being in the water with the children. You profess the "gentle method" of teaching young children to become comfortable in the water, and you definitely practice what you preach. I was very impressed with the kindness and understanding you showed each child, and never once pushing them beyond what they were ready for in the water. I also appreciate you taking me into your home for our out of water class time, and making me feel like one of the family. You have a wonderful family, along with Finley the dog, and it was a pleasure seeing a loving family in action. I will be in touch with you down the road to keep you up to date on my baby swimming experiences, and with the instruction you provided me, I'm sure that the experiences will be positive ones. Thanks again, and please keep in touch. –Tom Jeitz, South Dakota

  • Dear Rob and Kathy, Swimming was a big part of my life growing up, but I never really saw myself making swimming part of the rest of my life, until I heard about Rob and Kathy McKay.The minute I met Rob and Kathy I understood why the Lifestyle Swim School was so successful. Rob and Kathy exude a certain gentleness, and kindheartedness that even the youngest of babies can sense. During my two-week teacher workshop training, I gained all the knowledge I need to put up a school of my own. I learned the different holding and passing techniques, lesson plans and even the administrative part of the business. But most importantly, I learned that the children always come first, parents’ involvement is vital, and that patience, gentleness and FUN are the main ingredients to a happy, smiling, swimming baby. I could see the excitement in the babies’ and the parent’s faces even before jumping into the water. I witnessed babies as young as 3-months old, swim with ease and come out smiling and giving high fives.People say that you should find a job that you love and you will never work a day in your life. I finally understood and felt exactly this, under Coach Rob, Miss Kathy, Miss Jodie and Coach Scott’s guidance.I only hope that I can continue and meet the Lifestyle Swim School’s philosophy and standards here in Malaysia, with the same success that Rob and Kathy have achieved. I also hope I can follow in the footsteps of Yoko and train with the Lifestyle Swim School every year for the rest of my life! More power to the Lifestyle Swim School!–Mrs. I Kiunisala Chong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.