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Learning to swim at very early ages should be a natural expression of joy, exploration and movement through the water. Rob and Kathy McKay, authors, innovators and respected water educators, have launched a global venture focusing on their gentle, holistic and child-centered philosophy and methods of teaching babies, toddlers and tykes to swim. They are establishing a network of teachers who have been trained by them and who are passionate about and committed to teaching babies to swim with respect, harmony, laughter and love. This network is Serenity Swim Network (SSN).


The McKays have devoted decades to the concepts and practices of tear-free, happy, educationally sound methods of teaching the very young about water, swimming and safety. The couple has combined theory and practice from child-centered educational models such as Montessori and Waldorf, ever-growing scientific developments in brain research and early childhood development, and tenants from attachment parenting, holistic and wellness practices. The McKays built their philosophy, curriculum and methodology so that the child’s wellbeing is directly at the core…body, mind and spirit.


SSN is gathering together those whom the McKays have instructed as baby, toddler and tyke swim teachers in the gentle method in an organized manner so that we can be a considerable force for good in this profession. We will certify more teachers and have more schools that operate under the philosophy/methods the McKays have developed. SSN will create a strong presence for the child-centered, learn-thru-play approach. SSN will counter balance aggressive survival swim lesson programming and programs that solely focus on skill acquisition by educating parents on our successful, multi-dimensional outcomes and whole child benefits. SSN’s Guidelines will act as a standard for teaching excellence and best practices for this age group. Our aim is to elevate and improve teaching practices globally for those who instruct water learning classes. SSN will serve as a support system for teachers and programs, and provide opportunities for professional development.


The Serenity Swim Network is going to serve notice that learning to swim from ages 3 months through 5 years old should not be a crying, screaming, traumatic or fear-inducing experience in the name of safety and should never be an exploitation of fear in parents. Rather, infant, toddler and tyke swimming should be a synergy of a child’s natural growth and development coupled with his introduction to water, water skills and safety. All accomplished through play, readiness and smooth, sequential learning. In a word…“serene”…and hence, Serenity Swim!


And very importantly, the network and web site will serve as a resource for parents seeking teachers and programs in their area who are trained, certified and pledge to adhere to the SSN Guidelines.