Submission of this online Registration Form constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions of registering with the Lifestyle Swim School, Serenity Swim Network or Serenity Swim. If you are enrolling three or four applicants please fill the form out two times.

To ensure your specific weeks you wish to train, all fees and paper work must be completed upon registration.



I/We agree to defend, pay and save free and harmless Lifestyle Swim School, Inc., Serenity Swim Network and Serenity Swim, the facility owners where lessons are conducted and their respective agents, employees’ actions, judgments and proceedings of any kind or in favor of anyone whomsoever and from and against all injury or property damage arising directly or indirectly out of, from or on account of applicant’s presence at or use of the facilities or participation in any activities or programs applied for hereby or at any time hereafter.

I / We understand missed classes may not be carried over the the next session. I understand that the Lifestyle Swim School, Serenity Swim Network and Serenity swim are unable to grant refunds. We reserve the right to: accept only those who abide by our patient child-centered philosophy; to expel those that do not abide by the philosophy, fail to follow rules, use foul language, or are disrespectful to teachers and/or staff.



If there are questions about your registration you will be contacted prior to processing.

Questions: Email or phone: 1-561-362-5490